Vive La Fete

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Pop-Punk / Electro Gante,Belgien

Vive La Fête are from Belgium, Europe and quite proud to be so. Patriotism might be the least likely characteristic attributed to the Belgians, except when it comes to the musical heritage their small country can attest to. Since the eighties, Belgium's musical brood has played an important role in the development of techno, electronic body music, new wave and New Beat.

They literally looked and sounded like no-one else on the scene. Danny, eyes hidden behind black sunglasses, a fag dangling from his mouth, churning out brutal guitar riffs and explosive electronic beats, giving the middle finger to the weedy rock fraternity of the 'look at me I'm serious'- type. Els, dressed in vixen-ish mini-skirts and knee-length leather boots, strikingly flaunting her femininity with class and authority, singing in her distinctive, seductive voice about love, friendship and inner turmoil. " We always wanted to make that kind of music for ourselves, and for all the homosexuals, bisexuals, lesbians and other modern people like you and me. And then have a party together "
-Danny Mommens - i-D Magazine What better recipe for overnight success, right?
Um…no. Despite them calling their music 'kitsch pop', Danny and Els didn't quite manage to set the pop charts alight. Much had to do with the overall perception of Vive La Fête: most critics labelled them 'retro' or 'novelty' (again, those were the late nineties, when admitting to owning a synthesiser and a stack of make-up was considered a right crime). So Danny and Els defiantly took to the stage, proving their songs could hold up live as well, and released a second album (Attaque Surprise, Surprise, 2000). Apart from being a killer album in it's own right, Attaque Surprise offered an honest and detailed insight into The World of Vive La Fête: sex and erotica, but doubt and heartbreak too; exuberance and trash, interspersed with contemplation and self-analysis; goofiness and good old fun, with the right dose of discipline.
Funnily enough, after this release no-one dared to call them a 'joke act' anymore… " At odds with everything and anyone, playful, confrontational and…sexy " - Crash Magazine on Vive La Fête 2001/ 2002: when quite a few things changed for Vive La Fête.

First, there was scandal. Rethinking her stage gear, Els decided to make a bra out of thick black duct tape. Neatly combining it with stiletto's and a mini-skirt, she took the stage at a Belgian summer festival. True to say, quite some flash bulbs went off during the Vive slot. Less expectedly, the day after the gig the papers called her 'a very bad example for little girls'…

"I think Nuit Blanche is about the best electropop record ever, and I'm comparing it to some of my own old heroes from the eighties, The Human League, Depeche Mode, Indochine, Rita Mitsouko, Ultravox; NUIT BLANCHE IS JUST FANTASTIC!!!" – Swedish media quote The Nuit Blanche album is very well received all over Europe. Sales go well and the album gets a place in the charts.

Viva Brasil, Viva a Festa “Vive La Fête is the first Belgian band appearing in the Brasilian charts. In the Fnac Top 500 they climb to # 95 in week 28 with their newest album “Nuit Blanche”, distributed by ST2 Music. The album is also charted on # 95 in the “Saraiva Music Hall Top 100”, the chart-list with the best sold records of the biggest record chainstore in Brasil” – www.muziekcentrum.be "Nuit Blanche" is released in Brasil, April 15 th , 2004! ST2 Records in Sao Paulo will unleash the CD for the Brazilian market and will also exported to South and Latin America.
Later that year they also will release Vive La Fete's previous albums: Republique Populaire and Attaque Surprise. Mid april VLF go to BRASIL for 2 concerts at the festival Abril Pro Rock in Recife and an extra show in a club in Natal. All three shows were a big success, VLF is in great shape, the crowd went wild (brazilians like to party!), the press was impressed and echoes about the shows were heard even in Rio and Sao Paulo. ST2 Records from Sao Paulo are doing a great job promoting the 3 albums.
Press clippings about the Abril Pro Rock festival include headliners as : 'Belgas impressionam na estréia e garantem show extra' «Vive La Fête transformou pavilhao em pista de dança e deve ser apontado como a melhor attraçao do festival 2004' » Diario de Pernambuco VLF finish the video for the current single "Schwarzkopf" and for a change you can see Els with black hair and Danny as Blondie! The clip is shown on the music channels worldwide.

In June they play in Paris, a pre-release party in a sold out club and later that month they do a live radio show for France Inter that has over 2 mio auditors !

The Nuit Blanche album will be released in France in September by V2.
Summer : Vive La Fête has a very busy summer again, they play at several major European festivals including Pinkpop (NL), Roskilde (DK), Gurten (CH), Arvika (S), Meetingpop (E) and are also invited for 2 concerts in Russia (Moskou & St Petersburg). In Russia the Nuit Blanche album will be released in July by Soyuz Music.

Vive La Fête LIVE is:

-Els Pynoo (voice)
-Danny Mommens (voice + guitar)
-Ben Brunin (bass)
-Matthias Standaert (drums)
-Marc Requilé (keyboard)

Tina & Danny

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