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Pop / Indie / Soul Golden state of, California

 Danceable folk, homemade disco, and lost love laments; these are just a few facets of Rubies. California-based duo, Rubies, are two young ladies that push the boundaries of how we perceive pop music. The poised and dynamic range of songwriting keeps the listener excited by offering fresh and honest versions of future dancefloor and living room classics. Simone Rubi (lead vocals, keyboards) entices the crowd while Terri Loewenthal (bass) keeps them dancing. Add some shimmering guitar, the harmonies and beats provided by machine or borrowed man, and try to resist the moxie that is Rubies. While it could be in a crowded avant-garde discotheque in NYC, a motorik infused warehouse in Berlin, or the pine-needle carpeted redwoods of Big Sur, the energy of Rubies will have you dreaming of your first crush.

For our debut album, "Explode from the Center," we were lucky enough to have helping hands from Eirik Glambek-Boe (Kings of Convenience) and his new group "Kommode", Leslie Feist, Karl-Jonas Winqvist (Blood Music), Dan Judd (Sorcerer), Lars Skoglund (Laakso, Peter, Bjorn and John), Maria Eriksson (The Concretes) and a small army of other talented folks from all over the world. Simone and Terri also play in the pop group "Call and Response" with albums out on Emperor Norton Records and Badman Recording Company. Visit Rubies for more info.

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