Carpark North

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Rock / Electro Copenhagen, Dänemark

Carpark North is a young electro rock trio hailing from Copenhagen and already a very established artist in Denmark.

Their demo from 2000 sold gold through their own homepage, the debutalbum ”Carpark North” (EMI), released in 2003, sold platinium and the second album ”All Things To All People” (EMI) is about to go into platinium status as well.

The bands reputation as a fantastic live-act is most definately true, with sold-out tours, major festival concerts and a strong crowd of Carpark followers. The bands music has been included on a couple of EA games and you can basically catch a Carpark track daily on Danish national radio.

2008 saw the band parting company with EMI and whilst talking to a lot of labels the band started to record their 3rd album entitled ”Gratefull”.

The man behind the helmet for the 3rd album is Brian Sperber who..s responsible for amazing albums by Staind and Moby amongst others. The band firstly declined Mr Sperbers request to do the album but after a quick meeting in Copenhagen a deal fell into place with Sperber and the result is no less than amazing.

”Grateful” will hit the streets September 8th in Denmark and will be released on Copenhagen Records, an independent record-label responsible for signing Alphabeat amongst others.

The album is proceeded by the single ”Shall We Be Greatful” – a song that became an instant hit in Denmark.

Sounds like ? … Well it..s the power of AC/DC, the soundscapes of Jean Michelle Jarre, the synth of Kraftwerk and the melodies of Mozart and Beatles…..you have been warned!

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