Florence and The Machine

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Alternative rock catastrophe choir crash by Florence Welch, GB


12.10.2009 Florence and the Machine at Postbahnhof (Support: Voicst)


 Upon entering the stage, Florence Welch saturated the air of Postbahnhof with confidence, creativity, and a hint of madness. Her appearance was full of contrasts: her pale white skin against her black and gold outfit; her flaming red/orange hair against her rose painted lips. Her distinguishing exterior fit her personality perfectly as she lifted her arm above the drum and began to emotionally beat the pulse of “Bird Song.” The audience was immediately dancing and singing along. The show had taken off and would only fly higher. While singing, Florence’s movements matched her songs in passion and intensity. Stepping around the stage she gestured freely, gripped her head and hair in fervor, and pulled her black robe to and from her body. By the time she sang “Kiss with a Fist” she was dancing around the stage, shimmying enthusiastically. During her acoustic session Florence was accompanied by the harp, guitar and light drumming. Her voice had endless vitality; while the backup instruments were acoustic she retained her natural electricity. Songs that featured heavy beats on the album took on a different persona. While they did not lose their intensity or message, they became more private and intimate. This style of reinterpretation was consistent throughout the entire show. The songs did not necessarily feature extensive improvisations, yet the live experience was still distinct from that on the album. She would take dramatic pauses and change the inflection or cadence of the songs. Furthermore she encouraged the audience to clap, sing and jump along to the songs. Any fan would appreciate such a heartfelt performance, and a few even showed this by throwing flowers to the stage throughout the show. In short, she gave a tight and captivating show, leaving the stage and audience fulfilled yet craving just one more song… Brit-Maren Schjeide  




Full Band:

  1. Bird song
  2. My boy builds coffins
  3. Kiss with a fist
  4. Are you hurting the one you love? (unreleased)


  1. I’m not calling you a liar
  2. Drumming song
  3. Hurricane drunk

Full band:

  1. Between two lungs
  2. Dog days are over
  3. Howl
  4. Cosmic love
  5. If I had a heart
  6. Blinding


  1. You got the love
  2. Rabbit heart



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