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Local Natives

 Local Natives The Local Natives are a 5-piece band based in Los Angeles, California. They play intelligent and harmonic pop, blending the vocals of Ryan Hahn, Kelcey Ayer, and Taylor Rice with careful percussion, guitar, keys and bass. The entire group, also including drummer Matt Frazier and bassist Andy Hamm, arrived in Berlin in the middle of a cold October to play a spirited set at the Bang Bang Club.

Local Natives @ Bang Bang Club 17.10.2009

The group came on stage at Bang Bang Club in front of a full, though not packed, crowd and started off the set with “World News.” It was at once apparent how much the guys enjoyed being on stage. They went beyond just playing their instruments and made the performance physical. Each line being sung was packed with energy, and everyone played with full enthusiasm. Their live show was a demonstration of the astounding precision with which they fit together as a group. The harmonies and beats came together quickly and directly. Even as they swiftly moved from sweet crooning to forceful pleas for the return of love in “Airplanes,” they made these transitions easily and with natural accuracy. 
Photo: Caty Werner
The songs were all dynamic in this manner, incorporating a range from harmonic pop to psychedelic rock influences. All the more impressive, was the instrumental talent and multitasking ability of Kelcey Ayer. Although all five contributed centrally to the music, the fact that Kelcey played percussion with one hand, keys with the other, and sang at the same time was most definitely a highlight of the show. The rollicking rhythm supported by the strong layered vocals made all of the songs a joy to listen to; the energy and the skill of the band made them a joy to watch.





1. World News 
2. Camera Talk
3. Airplanes
4. Cards and Quarters 
5. Warning Sign (Talking Heads cover) 
6. Wide Eyes
7. Stranger Things
8. Who Knows, Who Cares
9. Sun Hands
Written by Brit-Maren Schjeide

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