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10.11.2009 Six Organs of Admittance @ Festsaal Kreuzberg

(Support: Silk Flowers)


 Ben Chasny, the lead guitarist and heart of Six Organs of Admittance, entered the stage of Festsaal Kreuzberg accompanied only by his electric guitar. Although the stage was set up for a full band, the initial mood of the show was produced by Chasny's commanding solo performance. Each song embodied an earthy and natural feeling. The notes flew solidly through the amplifier, like water flowing in a river, surging powerfully along its path until the land drops and a massive waterfall gushes over the edge of the earth. Chasny explicitly and beautifully charted the tone and path of the songs, dynamically moving between slow, steady and fast, rough melodies. For the third song, the rest of the band came on stage, featuring two more guitars (Elisa Ambrogio and Andrew Mitchell) and drums (Alex Neilson). The introduction to the set with just Chasny on guitar set the groundwork for the remainder of the evening. The clean and vibrant guitar melodies easily stood by themselves, but were lifted even higher with the additional instrumentation.



The transition to the full band demonstrated the full power of the songs. While the foundation of the music was still Chasny's guitar; the mixture of the open tuned guitar, drumbeats and chimes opened the door for the music to completely fill the room. The music was unyielding and especially poignant as the four members completely let loose, the music flying in all directions, but originating from one focused point of energy. Ambrogio frequently crouched on the floor, surrounded by pedals and using a slide to create light distortion under the freestyle drumbeat. As the set progressed the spirit of the show increased in intensity. The audience, who had stood at a distance from the stage moved closer, becoming more engaged. The group broke more frequently into moments of freewheeling jams, moving closer and playing to one another, feeling where the song would lead.

Unfortunately it did not lead on the rest of the night. After one encore the group packed up their gear and moved from the stage. All in all, Six Organs of Admittance played a beautiful and stimulating show, the live event, as always, adding so many elements that lack in the home-listening experience.

Written and photographed by Brit-Maren Schjeide


Fire of Mind
Strangled Road
1000 Birds
Bar Nasha
School of the Flower
That's Alright
Coming to Get You


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