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Moneybrother @ Postbahnhof (5.12.2009)


The evening at Postbahnhof started with only a few people milling around, paying a visit to the bar and browsing Moneybrother's merchandise (which oddly enough featured their own brand of tomato sauce). Despite the initial sparseness of the crowd, when Moneybrother finally appeared on stage the hall had filled out in support of this Swedish classic rock/soul band.


Moneybrother's supporting band came out in their very best: black suits and bright red roses in their lapels, with a couple of the men donning the ever-classy fedora. The lead singer, Anders Wendin, was the last to spring onto the stage; sporting a lei around his neck and accompanied by the screams of some apparently very infatuated fans. He approached the microphone and announced that we had better get ready for a Saturday night full of dancing and great music.


Truthfully enough, as the set began with the classic rock song ‘Born Under a Bad Sign,' the music was full of energy and the crowd was ready and willing to dance around. The live band was completely prepared to provide as large and complete a sound as possible. The group was truly multi-instrumental featuring both piano and organ, as well as saxophone, trombone, flute, mouth organ, drums, two guitars, bass, harmonica, and naturally the cowbell. As they juggled the instruments around according to the necessity of the songs, it was immediately obvious how much every one of the band members enjoyed performing. This delight was especially epitomized by Victor Brobacke who would dance dramatically, synchronizing his movements when appropriate to the lyrics of the song in between bellowing out notes on the trombone.





 Wendin pranced proudly around the stage leading sections of improvisation and singing vivaciously. He was an interesting combination of self-confident bordering on arrogant yet gracious at the same time. He would at one moment be making self-assured claims about the quality of the music and the attractiveness of his band, and the next he was profusely thanking everyone for choosing to come to Postbahnhof that evening. The arrogance fit well with the style and persona of the music, and it was made even more tolerable due to the insight of his underlying gracious personality. Filling the true role of the front-man, he was thoroughly entertaining while singing as well as during his inter-song commentaries. 



Moneybrother not only brought a lot to the stage, in terms of instruments, people, and attitude; following through on all expectations he and his band delivered the rockin' show they promised.



Written by Brit-Maren Schjeide
Photos by Lucas Kromm


Born Under a Bad Sign
Stormy Weather
Don't Call the Police
Down at the R
Just Another Part of Me
Blow Him Back
Here Comes the Vain
My lil Girl
Guess Who's Gonna Get
Building Walls Around Us

Just Another Summer
Reconsider Me

Encore 2:
It's Been Hurting All The Way
Feelings Getting Stonger In T


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