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Choir of Young Believers

@ Privat Club 30.1.2010



 The seven members representing the Choir of Young Believers at Privat Club on Saturday night filled the narrow stage. While it was packed full of instruments ranging from the basic bass and guitar to a cello, a horn and a second percussionist, there was no constraint to the expanse of sound that surged out of this group of musicians. Each note of each song was so painstakingly and carefully placed; the music slid into every crack in the club and wrapped the audience in a blanket of resonance and emotion. The delicacy of the individual notes was ironically juxtaposed with the strength and power of the song as a whole.
Choir of Young Believers not only presented the haunting and gratifying tracks featured on their first full-length "This is for the white in your eyes," but a few new songs were slipped into the set. A couple of these incorporated a more evident eastern influence, entrancing melodies which contrasted nicely with the orchestral power of the earlier songs. The exposure to these new songs was one of multiple factors that made the concert experience so rewarding. Additionally, CoYB went beyond the ritual of playing the songs as they can be heard on the album by expertly interweaving jams and twists in the music. "Claustrophobia" and "Hollow Talk" were especially powerful in this regard.
I discovered after the show that the name of the band was chosen because the combination of the words sounded so nice together. In any case, this idea can certainly extend to their music. Each song has its own personality and authority; the arrangement of every one goes beyond simply being ‘nice' to a realm of beauty and elegance.
Written and Photographed by Brit-Maren Schjeide 
Next Summer
Keep Dancing
She Walks
These Rituals of Mine
The Third Time
Wintertime Love
Why Must It Always Be This Way

Goddamn (solo Jannis Noya Makrigiannis)
Hollow Talk

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