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Indie Pop Athens / Georgia / US


New Album False Priest released September 14, 2010

 Dressed in drag and overdone make up, lead singer Kevin Barnes would steal the spotlight of any Of Montreal show... if it weren't for the rest of the members of the band, dashing ecstatically across the stage and acting out various scenes of love, hate, melancholy, and whatever else they happen to be inspired by at the moment

Of Montreal, well-known as the venting mechanism for one Kevin Barnes, is back with an LP of brand new material. Following in the vein of Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer? and Skeletal Lamping, False Priest is an eclectic mix of funky indie pop and spazzy R&B jams. Of Montreal has changed significantly since its Beatles-esque first incarnation, the obvious turning point being Satanic Panic in the Attack, which was perhaps the first point at which Barnes successfully synthesized his varied tastes into an engaging and exciting piece of work. On Hissing Fauna, he chronicled his personal transformation through a difficult point in his life, coming out on the other side of The Past is a Grotesque Animal as the sexually empowered Georgie Fruit. He then gave full control to his fickle muse on Skeletal Lamping, a product with a handful of truly brilliant moments surrounded by schizophrenic fluff, which tends to play out a little too long and a little too obtuse to have staying power. Following Skeletal Lamping, False Priest sees Barnes scaling back his insanity, instead carefully dialing it in to hit on a compelling blend of creativity and precision, the latter of which was very much lacking from Skeletal Lamping. 


OF MONTREAL New Album False Priest


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