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Tommi Bass DJ,Producer,Visual Artist


Berlin DJIn 2008 Tommi Bass moved to Berlin. “I moved from the U.K to explore the Berlin underground Techno scene, to absorb the sounds…the textures of the buildings, to integrate them into my soul. Hopefully the results can now be found in one of my latest releases Textures From Berlin (Rednetic Recordings) or in my work with Code2 Records, a  Berlin based Minimal Techno label.”

Tommi Bass plays his monumental Minimal Techno sets in Berlin’s underground clubland. I’m a real DJ… for me focussing on just one genre is not what DJing is about. Sure I love Techno… but I need to  play out other genres as well…”. In music bars scattered around Berlin he plays secret gigs far away from the limelight. Here he plays 70′s Raw Funk, Northern Soul, Breakbeat Jazz,  80′s Electro Hip Hop and 90′s Hip Hop – the music that has inspired him as a cutting edge underground Techno producer and DJ for over two decades.

It’s been a long road of personal discovery for this renegade DJ/Producer and the best is yet to come as he slowly picks up steam in the city he loves with all his heart… Berlin.

In 2008 Tommi Bass and the German visual artist producktion founded B.B.S.C.

B.B.S.C. – BERLIN BIRD SHIT CHIC is an expanding underground project and includes experimental film, photography, installations, sculpture, music, design and fashion. “We encompass dirt, grain and experimental textures…in all media… A deconstructive based humour has also an important role in the BERLIN BIRD SHIT CHIC manifesto”.


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