Bunny Rabbit

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Melodramatic Pop - New York, USA

 Bunny Rabbit and her producer Black Cracker fearlessly explore the pathos between love and death...yet more proof that art school corrupts young minds. VIBE MAGAZINE
The record oozes with slow grinding melodies, charming obscenities and homespun beats ready-made for dance club demolition. CMJ

Dancefloors heave when Bunny Rabbit hisses and whispers her perverse sex, drugs, and rock n roll rhymes over some of the most starking basslines this side of Paris. DAZED and CONFUSED

I am extremely fond of the deeply odd, occationally obscene art rap of Bunny Rabbit. Sasha Frere-Jones, THE NEW YORKER

In the case of Bunny Rabbit, you know its pure authenticity. This is female rap that is as fucked up as it is creative. Imagine Joanna Newsome rolling around in a dumpster with an MPC instead of a harp. XLR8R

No one plugs a finger in this dyke and expects to get away without a flood of abuse. THE WIRE

If sex and cussing are your bread and butter, you've just found your album of the year! PITCHFORK

Infectious grooves and booty bouncing bass are destined to become party anthems for the art rap set. BUST
Bunny RAbbit and BLACK CRACKER

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