Julia A Noack

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Akustisch / Pop / Indie - Berlin, D

 Julia A. Noack's music can't be pigeonholed. You can hear the Folky roots, the Indie influences, a good dose of Pop, and in her clear and distinctive voice even a pinch of Country. Her songs are playful, melancholic, powerful and always deeply personal. Songs that won't let go of you: You'll be humming them on your way home, you'll take them to bed with you, and you'll find yourself whistling them in the shower in the morning. her debut album 'piles & pieces' is out now.
Julia A. Noack worked with: Anders Grop, Christian Runge, Rainer Winch, Johannes Krause, Charlotte Jacke, Can Olgun, Polymax, Heiko Braun, Bernd Kistemann, Vincent Mimault, Bijan Azadian, Karen Weber, Philipp Bardenberg, Denis Stilke, Marcel Tusch, Kerstin Kaernbach, Nadine Stange, Andreas Hornschuh and Arnaud Brizay.

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