Josephine Foster

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Folk / Akustisch / Rock - Colorado, USA

 Over the course of just a few years, Josephine Foster has captivated audiences & critics alike through a magnetic patchwork of recordings ranging from broken spirited balladry (Born Heller), fiery psych rock gestalt (All the Leaves Are Gone) to the voice of an outsider folk siren (Hazel Eyes, I will Lead You).The one constant is the utterly overwhelming strength and seductive unease of her voice & the bravery of an iconoclastic spirit.For anyone else, what lies inside her latest offering, A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing, would be a purely rebellious turn but for Josephine Foster, every record is, itself, a part of a continual movement. And so it goes, A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing is a deeply absorbing, magical reconstruction of 19th century German art songs that float in a wash of blissed voice and electric guitar in an almost dreamlike fashion through a salon of her own invention. In a music where sacred cows roam the pastures a plenty, Foster pays tribute - on her own terms - and in the process makes a case for German as one of the previously unknown romance languages. 'One hundred songs I sing, one hundred songs i sung'...

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