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Rock / Electro / Experimental Music - Berlin, D

Atari Teenage Riot reunion shows announced


In the late 90s Atari Teenage Riot (ATR) was seen as part of the electronica genre, but in reality the band had nothing in common with it. It was too avant-garde, too radical in its views and statements, simply too loud and noisy to fit in. The original conception was Alec Empire's.
It was a unique line up, almost superhero like, and when Hanin Elias, Nic Endo, Carl Crack and Alec hit the stage in some cities in the South of the USA, the mixed race, mixed sex image of the band provoked people before they even heard the music.
A female vocalist like Hanin who screams about police violence and revolution, and Nic Endo who was in control of all electronic gear on stage and sent earthquakes of sound waves was simply against all rules of rock and techno music. They opened many doors for female artists to follow at this time

16/07/10 : Dour Festival 2010 – Dour (B)
Info + Tickets: http://www.dourfestival.be

Berlin Festival 2010. 10.+11. September 2010


We played the first big shows at Japan’s Fuji Rock Festival. Some of the guys I used on the record will not be able to tour constantly, so I called up some friends. I had Charlie Clouser from Nine Inch Nails on synths, famous Japanese noise legend MERZBOW on drums, Gabe Serbian from The Locust on a second kit, and ATR’s NIC ENDO on synths/keyboards.
Nic is in fact a permanent member in the band and is responsible for all the special effects,sounds, noises, and the “Third World War” 14 minute apocalyptic finale of the last song “New World Order.” We left the place in ashes. Kids went totally insane and they didn’t even know one of the new songs! So CD1 is like driving an expensive car very fast and crashing against a wall The difference couldn't be more pronounced, since 'Futurist' is the most brutally uplifting Empire has ever sounded. The characteristic, shockwave aggression of his previous outings is still channelled for maximum impact, but the gun-to-temple blasts of tracks like 'Gotta Get Out' and 'Vertigo' deliver their powder-keg payloads with a newly discovered bloodrush of excitement. It's a stark contrast to 'Intelligence and Sacrifice''s double disc meisterwork of electro-noise nihilism, which found Empire at a 'dark chapter' as personal issues and the death of close friend and ATR MC Carl Crack brought him to an all time low.

 I went through a lot of pain making Intelligence and Sacrifice," he says. "It's a very bleak record, and I was in a very depressed state of mind when I recorded it. With 'Futurist' I feel it's pointing more towards a new time, about looking forward instead of back."
So what does the future hold? At a glance, you might think track titles like 'Point of No Return', 'Terror Alert:High' and the fantastically titled 'Overdose: High on the Adolf Hitler Drug' (a reference to a powerful new crack derivative from Asia) offer scant prospects, but they serve as impassioned wake-up calls from one whose fight against political apathy has deep roots. Empire's grandfather was killed in a concentration camp during the second world war, while the first seventeen years of his own life were in occupied West Berlin. If you grew up with that awareness, of a nation that went so wrong, you see the danger signs much earlier, he says. "And you do something about it. I think a lot of people live in a dream world, thinking the future might go wrong, when it's already far beyond that now. "Futurist is more about the emotional reaction to the stuff that's going on. It's the ENERGY that gets across. It's a step FURTHER."


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