Gus Gus

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Techno / Soul / Electronic - Reykjavik, IS

Initially formed as a film and acting collective, the group became mostly known for their electronic music.GusGus is a band from Reykjavík, Iceland.They released their sixth album "Forever" in February / March 2007. And they need more than 6 days to create the world that is this album. GusGus once again throw into the flames a track by Daniel Agust "Moss", a superb addition to the magnificent vocal landscape of Earth. Pall Oskar, the discodiva # 1, lends his smooth voice on "Need In Me", as well as on "Hold You" with the Detroit fire Aaron-Carl. Omar Gudjonsson lays his calloused fingers over "You'll never Change" and inspires both President Bongo and Veiran to do handle their own guitar necks in "Forever". Also our very own "Professor" Ottarr Proppe pukes out the welcome words to "Forever". Mr. The President himself graces golden larynx through the track "If you don't jump, you're English" flashing rusted guitar samples from the ever lasting Icelandic 80's punk band Purrkur Pillnikk and hammered power hi-hats by Helgi "HitHat" Helgason.

Live in Cologne 2007 at Gloria

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