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Pop / Post Punk / Pop-Punk - Berlin, D

This band is a cooporation between musician / producer Mr.π a.k.a. Daniel Plashues and singer / musician GEFFEN³. Both have been living and working in berlin since 1996. They met each other in the neighourhood. Sincerity and humor are very close in this case and it's not so clear whether they meant to tell a joke or to be honest for ones ...
Just like their way to cover Britney Spears' song "Lucky" adding sounds of sniffing cocaine, or an original line : "my parents always wanted me to be a superstar. honestly i don't think i can get that very far..."(GEFFEN³), or going down to do the splits in a very smooth way just in a middle of a touchy song . The tracks written and produced by Mr.π come out with a fat beat, harsh guitars and electronic sound treatment. It takes you from electro-pop ballads to dance floor break beats, still you can hear the way from a 2 b.

 "As a guitarist I have had the chance to play many kinds of musical styles with very different people", says Mr.π, "and I still select elements that seem to clash and I try to direct them into the right balance. This is a fascinating process... very simple, but very complicated. Like life itself. The ultimate hits would be," says GEFFEN³," 'schizophrenia' (Sonic-Youth), or 'toxic' (Britney Spears), both have very good lyrics and beats... I really like to hear a great song that takes me immediately to the dance floor. That's my only parameter for a hit."

"Basically I am a sad girl. So a good song is a practicle way to escape it. It's either I will rock & joke or I will fall into a depression, that's why it is so good to have good jokes speeded around and as much as it can be found..." Their coming up song's called "what am I goanna do?! (2 u..)" "(the title is not even close to be as good as the title of Britney's song "oops i did it again...", she says). Not all of their songs are influenced by Britney Spears, but GEFFEN³ + Mr.π like this kind of expression: emotional and sincere. "When it comes to emotion"' they say, "all of us are just a bunch of retards in one way or another..."

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