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Disco House / Emo / Electro - Stockholm, S

 Akin to nothing else currently roosting in this hugely well-respected indie's roster, Lo-Fi-Fnk are Leo Drougge and August Hellsing – two kids hailing from Malmo, southern Sweden. The band started life back in 2001 after Drougge and Hellsing joined forces at their local highschool. Before long – youthful as they were - they were trying their hand at what could only be described as instrumental soft house disguised as Bruce Springsteen. They quickly moved on to crafting cunning, danceable, electronic pop music fit for body and soul, revealing their uncanny (now-trademark) knack for killer melodies, infectious beats, and clever lyrics.

Early in 2005, Lo-Fi-Fnk released some of their earliest tracks in the form of their very first UK EP with Moshi Moshi – their potential was instantly apparent. Perhaps the first time the band really caught the industry's eye outside Sweden and cemented their reputation however, was at one of Moshi's legendary bashes at tastemaker festival Iceland Airwaves. Taken from their 2006 debut album 'Boylife' (itself set for a well-deserved re-release in April 2007), 'Change Channel' is a hunk o' infectious Nordic genius if ever there was one. Oh boy, yeah. A glorious mix of skittering electronic bleeps, other-worldly-sounding vocals, and R.A.W danceability, it's already a guaranteed killer floor-filler, and for many the band's signature track. Seriously, who needs new rave?

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