Hawnay Troof

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Rap / Hip Hop / Progressive - Oakland, USA

 Hawnay Troof is an electronic solo project of Vice Cooler. Since forming in the late nineties the band has built a long list of collaborators including Soft Pink Truth, BARR, Mika Miko, Allison Wolfe, Gray Train!!! and Stereo Total. The debut full length "Get Up: Resolution: Love!" (Retard Disco, 2003) put the band on a successful worldwide tour including its first shows in Iceland, Australia, and New Zealand.

In 2005 Hawnay Troof released the critically acclaimed "Community" followed by the double LP and photobook “Dollar And Deed” (Retard Disco/ Southern, June 2006).

He is currently in Oakland working on his next LP which is set for a late 2007 release.

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