Blood Red Shoes

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Grunge / Punk / Disco House - Brighton, GB

 Blood Red Shoes is Steven Ansell and Laura-Mary Carter: “We got together in Brighton about two years ago now, our old bands had broken up so we had a jam, and next thing we knew we were playing live, touring, and releasing a 7" on Jonson Family. We've pretty much repeated that as much as we can up until now, and we've notched about 200 live shows and 4 singles (plus one about to come out) as I write this. We've worked with 5 record labels now. I reckon we've worked pretty hard. We write all our music between us two, and although in recordings we might add other instruments or even ask other people to play, the band will only ever be us two people. Who knows we might get an orchestra in to play live one day, but they'll never be blood red shoes, they'll just be the orchestra.

With our music we just write whatever feels right to us at the time of writing it, so there's a variation of lyrical themes and musical ideas. We don't tend to sit on straightforward structures or ways to play our instruments because we'd get bored and we don't want to make cheap-shit predictable music. Wwe want to move people, make them dance or shout or get excited, and we don't want to come off like rock stars or some amazing otherworldy beings - we're just two people making music and the whole "fan" and "band" divide is boring and old now. We're all part of the same thing. We're not in this for fame and fortune, we're in this because we just always wanted to be in a band.

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