Robots In Disguise

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Electronica / Punk / Pop - London, GB & Berlin, D

 Imagine two punk girls transformed into the new millennium power performers. Dee Plume is blond, she dresses in blue and Sue Denim, the brown-haired android, dresses up in red. They add up to fifty earth-years, and are Europe’s current and most refreshing musical duo. Together they sing (through a mic or a megaphone) as much as they dance, run and mime the content of their inner universe.
The stage is their playground, their concerts shift through various game levels, and allow easy-going happenings. They toy around with influences from Bis (for the playful touch) to Lush (for the lightness of heart). On the Recall label, the female electronic duo have recorded five new songs, produced by Chris Corner, ‘Sneaker Pimps’ lead-singer, that have led to their first self-titled LP (released in 2001). The second album ‘Get RID!’ followed in 2005.

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